He's not my boyfriend, and I'm not sure if I want him to be.
  1. He's bad at texting
    I don't need constant conversation, but I do need a little attention. Again, I'm 23. Maybe this is immature, but it's who I am right now.
  2. If I knew him in college, I wouldn't be into him.
    This really doesn't matter to me. There are just a few things that remind me that he was definitely in a frat, and that definitely wasn't a part of my liberal arts college experience.
  3. He doesn't tell me how he feels
    He's sweet and affectionate, but I have no idea what his thoughts toward me are. What are we doing????
  4. He won't commit
    Not knowing how he feels makes it difficult for me to have a conversation with him about "us." I'm as loyal as can be if you commit to me, but until then I'm just confused.