He's not my boyfriend, but I really want him to be.
  1. He's had a few different jobs since graduating
    He's 25, and on his third job. He is moving upwards in his career, but that's not why I like this about him. When I had to quit my job (which was truly awful), he was an example that everything would be okay.
  2. He's older than me, but still likes to drink
    I'm 23-I like to go out. He has his life together-a great job, independence, maturity, but he never says no to tequila shots with me.
  3. He's motivated
    He works hard and has career goals. As someone who doesn't know what I want my career to be, this is a nice difference between us.
  4. He plans our dates
    As in, makes reservations. !!!! This is huge to me. Not a lot of dudes my age with the foresight to do this.
  5. He's affectionate
    Hugs me around his friends, calls me babe, holds me hand. We're basically always touching when we're together...and I'm into that.
  6. He's hot and our physical relationship is great
    I've had a complicated relationship with sex in the past. I used to hate it hate it hate it. With him, I kinda can't get enough.
  7. He referred to Trainwreck as "that Lebron James movie"