Alternative title: AM I A HORRIBLE PERSON? (there are an infinite amount of these, the following are just the most recent)
  1. Actually not mean, just my own tweet about my silly friend
  2. That same silly friend being the funniest girl I know
  3. A @list screenshot. Inspiration.
  4. Very stoned, texting the dude I'm seeing. Not sure why I would screenshot this, but here we are
  5. Instagram ads need to get off my back
  6. Pure judgement of someone's Facebook post, but this is not a meal that I would be into
  7. drug dealz
  8. My dad being totally wild on Halloween
  9. Ewing Manor in Bloomington, IL. Definitely my dream home
  10. Yeah I might actually be into this kind of bar crawl
  11. Screenshot of my brother's wedding pictures. Good thing I'm super mature
  12. List of compliments from my fourth grade class. Wish I was still good at dodgeball, tbh
  13. Just inspiring
  14. My dad sent me this when I was looking for a new job. His support is unprecedented...