Alternative title: AM I A HORRIBLE PERSON? (there are an infinite amount of these, the following are just the most recent)
  1. Actually not mean, just my own tweet about my silly friend
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  2. That same silly friend being the funniest girl I know
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  3. A @list screenshot. Inspiration.
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  4. Very stoned, texting the dude I'm seeing. Not sure why I would screenshot this, but here we are
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  5. Instagram ads need to get off my back
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  6. Pure judgement of someone's Facebook post, but this is not a meal that I would be into
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  7. drug dealz
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  8. My dad being totally wild on Halloween
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  9. Ewing Manor in Bloomington, IL. Definitely my dream home
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  10. Yeah I might actually be into this kind of bar crawl
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  11. Screenshot of my brother's wedding pictures. Good thing I'm super mature
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  12. List of compliments from my fourth grade class. Wish I was still good at dodgeball, tbh
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  13. Just inspiring
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  14. My dad sent me this when I was looking for a new job. His support is unprecedented...
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