Presented without context.
  1. Ha just on an episode of chopped or something. Thanks thanks
  2. Really??
  3. Oh god
  4. Remind me to tell you something
  5. Good point
  6. I slept so much last night
  7. Probably
  8. But it's weird today is the first day I've been nervous for this job
  9. Besides Sunday night I guess ha
  10. Made my project manager laugh
  11. I'm done for the week right?
  12. I really shoulda
  13. Every time the train stops at Loyola like 8 people I know get on
  14. It's too much
  15. Mostly just like people I try to avoid eye contact with
  16. Got done so early today because our meetings finished up
  17. I don't even know what to do with myself
  18. I think I'll go on a run while it's somewhat still light out
  19. Hi
  20. How are you
  21. How was your day
  22. That's awesome babe
  23. You're good
  24. My day was pretty good
  25. Finally met my project manager
  26. I asked two questions and he said both were good questions
  27. He looks so much like aziz ansari it's crazy
  28. He was wearing a navy turtleneck and like cool glasses
  29. He laughed at my joke and we were kinda riffing on that
  30. Haha idk it seems like other people on the team don't like him though
  31. You don't like parks and rec
  32. We gotta see Spotlight
  33. Supposed to be amazing