Feel free to add your own!
  1. Talking to my beloved
  2. Thinking about calling my mom
    But then not actually calling her because I realize that talking to her about my anxiety would just give her anxiety and maybe my anxiety is not that bad after all?
  3. Making a list of what consistently makes me happy
    Ironically, I've not yet published this list on this seemingly perfect app
  4. Making a list of things that I don't like
    Oddly centering. Also not yet published on this app??? What am I doing.
  5. Going on a long, solo walk
    At least four miles, preferably along the lake. Often with Comedy Bang Bang or Call Chelsea Peretti in my earbuds.
  6. Reciting Shakespeare's Sonnet 99 multiple times in my head
    One of the few pieces of "real" literature that I have memorized. In my head, i sound theatrical and elegant when I recite this poem.