A Few Facts About Me

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    This feels narcissistic
    This is the moment where I pretend I hate talking about myself.
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    I am originally from Upstate NY!
    By that I do not mean Westchester County. I mean small ass town near Canada with more cows than people and more snow than sun.
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    I went to a fashion school but I don't know why.
    I went to college in NYC for fashion but could not tell you what I thought I would become.
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    Moved to LA
    because who doesn't move to LA after they realize New York City is a soul sucker and they wanna be on tv (hey mom and dad!)
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    Love to take selfies
    And talk about my boobs and my hair and my lips 😚😚😚
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    I admire this confidence in others
    Be the hot bitch you know you are! 💁🏼
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    Buy me a Moscow Mule
    If we're ever at the same bar order me one of those plz
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    PoP cUlTuRE iS lIfE
    I mean it's not... Other things are important but I luv pop culture
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    I love comedy!!
    All types and all different people
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    I'm definitely a "walk to the beat of your own drummer" kind of person
    I just like to do my own thing and get freaked out if I'm too much a part of a group... I'm just learning this about myself
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    Booty popping is the best medicine
    When I feel sad or happy or anything give me some Bey, Nicki, or Fetty and I'm set for da night👯