Actors Over 60 That I Would Still Bring Home to My Parents

"Dad.. He's only 10 years older than you.. ITS FINE! HE'S A LEGEND!"
  1. Bill Nighy
    Honestly one of the sexiest men on the planet. He's British, tall, smart, and has killer cheekbones. And anyone who was in Harry Potter is a welcome guest in my home.. Even if he is 65 and my bf. It's fine.
  2. Ted Danson
    This is another one that would be tough for my parents... Cheers was their life in the 80's. To me he is the epitome of a gorgeous, confident, bad boy. He is sassy too, which I really just love in a man.
  3. Bruce Willis
    Shocking though it may be this stunningly attractive man is now 60. Both of my parents really like him so I feel like this would not be as difficult as some of the others. He pulls off bald like no other human and has beautiful eyes. They would reluctantly accept us.
  4. Robert De Niro
    My parents would definitely not be okay with this. He's only a few years younger than my grandparents. But he's like... The ultimate Italian stallion so Idc. They would secretly be so excited to meet him.
  5. Alan Rickman
    I would basically win my mom over by having him recite lines from Sense and Sensibility. This would work for sure. With my dad I would just ask Alan to intimidate him with his deep and sexy voice. They would love him.
  6. Michael Caine
    One of the most revered and versatile actors of the modern age, they will definitely be uncomfortable. And they will certainly not understand it, but they will respect him. And that will have to be enough for me.