Helllllooooo... It's me
  1. Don't cry at the dealership they will take advantage of you.
  2. Have fun explaining that your only credit is student loan debt!
  3. Don't forget to also tell them you don't have a down payment!!!! They love that!
  4. When they try to convince you that $600 a month is a reasonable monthly payment on a small hatchback garbage car- make sure you tell them no.
  5. Also be aware of the car dealers breath cause it will probably be bad.
  6. You won't get the cute color you saw online. Just let that dream die as you test drive the black one.
  7. Accept that even though you don't really like this car you have spent four hours here soooo
  8. Leave the dealership without a car and cry as you leave wondering if you'll ever have a way to transport yourself anywhere
  9. Complain about LA public transportation and how sad it is
  10. Walk to jack in the box and be happy.
  11. You'll eventually get a car! The right one is waiting for you somewhere!
  12. I mean... I hope.