Fictional Men Who Have Ruined Real Men for Me

Inspired by @olivi_ahh
  1. Jack Dawson
    Thanks Jack for being so poor and dreamy and then dying for Rose. I honestly can't remember a time when you weren't ruining real men for me.
  2. John Smith
    Pocahontas will always be my fav Disney movie and John Smith was so cool and adventurous. He fell in love with a hot Native American princess an allowed her to change his thinking. He was open minded and wanted to bring peace!! Also those cheekbones though
  3. Spike
    Spike , oh Spike. I think when I first watched this show I was at such a vulnerable age, and he just imprinted on me. Though not always perfect, he was sexy and bad and also kind of good. His clothes were cool, he smoked, he constantly made me laugh. He just had everything I wanted (and still want.) A bad boy who wants to change for a girl? That's everything! THANKS SPIKE! I'm hopeless because of you!
  4. Michael Scott
  5. Literally all the men from Parks and Rec
    Was gonna say Ben Wyatt but then I was like NO ANDY! And then I was like NO RON!!!! They all had their own special things that made my heart melt. Angels- all of em!
  6. Graham from The Holiday
  7. Miles from The Holiday
    "I used only the good notes" oh really??? Cool thanks
  8. Mr. Darcy
    "You have bewitched me, body and soul. And I love.. I love... I love you" really??? Like how you still the dream after 200 damn years? I cannot with you.
  9. Mr. Big
    Definitely a grade A ass hole, but rich and charming and sexy. He's the reason why I forgive men and why I convince myself that eventually it'll all work out. THAAAANKS
  10. Atticus Finch
    Smart and cool and kind and important also hot af in the movie
  11. Finn
    My Mad Fat Diary changed my life. Finn was hot and popular and sweet and funny. He fell in love with Rae when she couldn't even love herself and saw past her weight (which many people don't do) he thought she was sexy and beautiful and perfect. Finn is a good one. Also though, he kills me.