Five Best Things About Me

I mean... It's gonna be tough to narrow it down.. But I'll try.
  1. My curves
    I know I'm supposed to be all "I wanna be skinny!" But I actually like being a curvy girl with thick thighs!
  2. My sense of humor
    Obvi I'm hilarious but mostly I just make faces a lot
  3. My confidence
    Idk where this shit comes from but I'm thankful for it cause it always got me feelin hawt af
  4. My friendly yet sassy demeanor
    I think people love this about me.. I'm cool and nice but also I don't take naw shit and I don't think you should either
  5. My selfie game
    I love my selfies. They make me feel good and I like to make sexy faces and pretend to be LDR. 💋💋💋💋