1. Diverse as hell!!!!
    I'm so proud of Aziz for creating this show and reminding all of us that the lack of diversity in television and film is a HUGE issue that white people (like me) are obv a huge part of. Makes me want to do better when I create shows and characters.
  2. Funny
    He deals with some more serious topics with grace and laughter. He still makes you laugh without removing any of the seriousness of the issues he's talking about.
  3. Original
    Just feel like it's such an original show idea. Thank fuck for Netflix.
  4. Morning
    This episode was one of the most raw, beautiful, and honest relationship episodes I've seen. Everyone can relate. Honestly so beautiful.
  5. The feminism though
    So often men will talk a lot about issues that only they encounter, but Aziz made a beautiful episode (Ladies and Gentlemen) that perfectly depicted what it's like to be a women, and how without even knowing, men tend to be unaware and occasionally stifling, even if they consider themselves "femenists" SOOOO IMPORTANT AZIZ