Sorry if you've said/done any of these I LOVE 99% OF MY CUSTIES- JUST NEED TO RAAAANT
  1. "Do you have a headache all day from working here????"
    Okay first of all..that's kind of rude. And second of all.. Unless you're allergic to one of the essential oils we use..most of our ingredients are headache reducing. BYEEEE
  2. Is this food??????
    Yeah... The big sign that says fresh handmade cosmetics was lying
  3. "This is a charcoal face scrub, it helps to reduce oil!" "So.... Will this help with oil? I have oily skin"
    "YES this is charcoal- charcoal is GREAT FOR PULLING OIL OUT OF THE SKIN." "So this is good for oil?" NOO IT WONT HELP NOTHING WILL HELP YOU, FOOL
  4. "Heehehehehehehe SEX BOMB"
    Woah so hilarious... You've clearly never had it.
  5. * I'm going to destroy a product as though it is free and I'm aloud to do as I please*
    Would you do this at a grocery store? Or a clothing store? Rudddde
  6. *puts a glob of something onto their hands* "what is this???"
    Ohhh it's actually a deadly poison
  7. "Can I have samples please????"