1. Dirty Dancing
    No matter how many times TBS plays this movie I will always watch it. Even if it's the part where the sister is singing like shit... I'll still watch it.
  2. My Girl
    Yes, I'm sobbing, what about it?
  3. Pride and Prejudice (the one with Kiera!)
    I have it on DVD obvi, but every time oxygen plays this movie I watch it with commercials...
  4. Rudy
  5. The Sandlot
    ABC family will play this movie FOREVERRRR
  6. Christmas Vacation
    I do watch this movie at least 8 times during the holiday season.
  7. Hitch
    Again, always on TBS.
  8. Any and all Tom Hanks movies
    He is a national treasure
  9. Any romcom from 1990-present day
    Because of course I wanna see Meg Ryan/Sandra Bullock, the overly cynical business women, find love. I JUST DO.
  10. Fifth element
    Because if this is in on tv and my dad is home... We're watching it!