Reasons Why Full House Is v Important to Me

This list could go on for days...
  1. What ever happened to predictability?
    Not only is this my fav theme sequence in the world but it just warms my little heart every time I here it. Everywhere you look there's hearts and people and places to run to? Poetic and beautiful! It also just reminds me of being a kid and getting so stoked for it to come on!
  2. Uncle Jesse
    First major life crush and he has honestly been the foundation for my ideal husband. Extremely attractive, hilarious, passionate, bad ass, and also the best uncle/husband/father in the world. I die every time I see him honestly. Just a dream of a man. And the way he pulls of that Mullet? I mean who else in the world can do that????
  3. The rest of the gang!
    I have a soft spot for all of the characters (even Gibbler) they all made me laugh so much and I dreamt of being a part of that "new and improved non traditional family dynamic!!!" Dj was always like sassy and fierce. Danny was dorky and loved his family so much. Joey was a goof and never gave up on his comedy. Becky was the mom they always needed. Stephanie was always like "how rude" and Michelle was a hilarious angel played by two of my fav irl Angels! So important!!!!
    I went to church for 16 years but I'm pretty sure the reason that I have a real sort of moral high ground is because of this show. It just reminded me that no matter what happened you'd learn and move forward and grow! I live for every cheesy sequence where they're all like "I guess you're right dad! I'm just so confused about my body!!!" Like honestly so beautiful.
  5. Uncle Jesse and Michelle
    I loved their dynamic so much. It was always obvious that they were very close and I loved how sassy and cute she was to him. "You got it, dude!!!" I also loved how he basically raised her from infancy and felt the tightest bond to her. Literally all perfect.
  6. Predictability
    I think, in all honesty, Full House is a show I've watched since I can remember watching things. I never got sick of it and I never turned the channel. It was always so comforting and predictable in the best way. I'm a sucker for lots of love and happy endings and this show has always given that to me. THANKS FULL HOUSE YOU ERRRRTHANG TO ME!