$$$ Why I Got Money on My Mind $$$

Help! Give me advice oh wise listers!!! (Photos provided by Google as visual aid)
  1. It terrifies me
    I think I'm scared of not having it but often I'm afraid of what I will be like when I do.
  2. It's not real
    A theory I often talk about while stoned. It's completely made up. There is no gold standard anymore and it's all fake. Why can't the government just write a fake check and fudge all the numbers. Why do we pretend that it matters. WHY CAN'T WE JUST LOVE EACH OTHER.
  3. What if I'm broke forever
    What if nothing ever changes and I'm always broke and I never buy myself cool shit or create a charity or help my friends who have helped me? What if I'm always like this?
  4. What if I can't throw a Christmas party
    I wanna throw a really stellar Christmas party that is up to my Christmas party standards... But what if I don't have enough money and my Christmas party sucks OR I spend more than I have and I can't pay rent.
  5. How can I change my fear based financial thoughts?
    How can I start looking at money as a good, happy, attainable thing and stop being mad or angry, and thinking its unattainable?
  6. Idk if anyone has similar fears or has any advice but it would be greatly appreciated cause I just want to have a positive relationship with MUNTY 🤑