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  1. Why do the rich kids get better present?
  2. "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause" And where was Mrs Clause during this?
  3. Allowed the reindeers to bully Rudolph mercilessly until he figured out a way he could capitalise on his nose
  4. Do the elves have labour laws?
  1. 😖
    I can only assume that this emoji has been punched very hard in the face, as that is the only way I can imagine that facial expression ever happening. Which begs the question- who is bullying this emoji? Maybe he's gay but he lives in a very conservative community? Maybe he's a furry who's being kink shamed? Maybe he was balancing a cat on his head for fun and someone mistook him for Donald Trump? Either way: tragic.
  2. 👰🏼
    This poor woman got left at the altar, presumably once her husband discovered the much hotter and less tragic emoji, dancing lady 💃🏽
  3. 🍼
    The close proximity of this emoji to the beer, wine and martini emojis creates a haunting tale of an infant growing up in a family of alcoholics and neglectful parents
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I like to think of myself as quite the music buff
  1. Never Gonna Give You Up by Ashley Tisdale
  2. I couldn't find any other covers that were on Ashley's level so I'm gonna have to end this list here