1. 😖
    I can only assume that this emoji has been punched very hard in the face, as that is the only way I can imagine that facial expression ever happening. Which begs the question- who is bullying this emoji? Maybe he's gay but he lives in a very conservative community? Maybe he's a furry who's being kink shamed? Maybe he was balancing a cat on his head for fun and someone mistook him for Donald Trump? Either way: tragic.
  2. 👰🏼
    This poor woman got left at the altar, presumably once her husband discovered the much hotter and less tragic emoji, dancing lady 💃🏽
  3. 🍼
    The close proximity of this emoji to the beer, wine and martini emojis creates a haunting tale of an infant growing up in a family of alcoholics and neglectful parents
  4. 🍈
    What IS that?
  5. 🙀
    Why is this cat so afraid, you might wonder? Try the horrific realtors of animal abuse.
  6. 👤
    I can only assume this person is being interviewed as a witness to a horrible crime, but is shrouded in darkness so as not to expose his identity. Will he have to go into a witness protection program? Will his family ever be able to see him again?
  7. 👥
    Blissfully unaware of the mobster sneaking up behind him, the same man gives details to the crime he just witnessed. Little does he know these will be his last words.