I'm a game snob. All of these are awesome.
  1. League of Legends
    This is a PC game in the category of MOBA. LoL is the number one played game in the world. 50,000 people gathered live and hundreds of thousands watched online for the World Championships last year in Seoul, Korea. If you're into real time strategy and games that have a high learning curve, you'll love it.
  2. Hearthstone
    Hearthstone is a turn based hit points card game. This means you're trying to get your opponent from 30 health to 0 before they do it to you. It's an app and the tutorial is super simple and comprehensive. Warning: majorly addictive.
  3. Shadow Hunters
    This is my favorite board game of all time. The rules are a bit complex, but essentially it's a hidden identity game where no one knows who is on what team (either Hunters, Shadows, or Neutrals) and you have to figure it out as you go along. You win as a team and this is done by being the last team standing and not being "killed" by the opposing teams attacks.
  4. Scrabble
    This fantastic game needs no explanation.
  5. The Resistance
    Another hidden identity game where it's "spies" vs "the resistance". The only people that know who each other are, are the spies. The spy team tries to blend in with the "good guys" by playing the game as if they're trying to eliminate all spies, when in reality they're doing the opposite. As a spy, trying not to get caught each turn is tricky because you have to vote on certain missions to complete your task without others catching on. A little hard to explain, but trust me - it's great.
  6. One Night Werewolves
    The last, but one of my favorite hidden identity games based off the original "Werewolves" game. Everyone is given a card showing their character and you're either a villager or a werewolf. This is an app and the game only allows you 5 minutes to figure out who the werewolves are and who the villagers are. It's leads to complex discussion and forces keen observation of surrounding player's behavior. 10/10 fun times for a group of 4 or more...but I recommend at least 5 or 6.
  7. Poker - Texas Hold 'Em
    It's poker.
  8. Tetris
    The best mindless game to play if you like visually organizing and beating your own times.