I go to about 8-10 cons and events each year and it's a bit emotional for me every time.
  1. Anxiety
    Gonna make a list just for this little guy....eventually.
  2. Excitement
    It's starting to become fake excitement though, but not always.
  3. Exhaustion
    Nothing in my life is ever more tiring than attending these events with so many people, small talk conversations, and hugs....so many hugs...that slowly suck all energy.
  4. Confusion
    who the heck are these people and are they youtubers, guests of youtubers, fans that snuck in, or corporate peeps. I usually just hang in my hotel room till I'm needed. Stranger danger.
  5. Drunk
    I think this counts as a feeling
  6. Love
    With all this being said...youtubers are my people and my family. So, in ways it's like a family reunion. There really are some loving and amazing people here.