Years ago I used to be one of the first 100 people on any relevant new app and eventually got burned out. The List App is the first one I've joined in a while and it's refreshing.
  1. Discovering the "personality" of said app
    Within an hour of using a new app you can already see the behaviors and how the community on a larger scale will likely interact. Yes, there will eventually be less openness and honestly, but I think with this app it creates an environment that challenges people to think and inspires creativity.
  2. Innovation
    It's likely a type of interaction you've never seen before. For me personally, I get excited being on a new app because I start thinking of a million ideas on how to improve it or how it can impact the lives of others. As I mentioned before in the community point, it inspires. Innovation is inspiring.
  3. Community
    It's very easy to get connected with a group of people you would likely never meet otherwise. There's a sense of deep connection with other users and you're all in this together. It's like you're accepted into the cool kids club without actually having to be cool...or something...
  4. Ownership
    It's a false sense of ownership because it's likely you don't actually have equity, but you still feel like it's "yours". You are protective, obsessive, and take pride in being there first.