Inspired by @JimGaffigan. I have always had a lot of different career ambitions.
  1. Dolphin/whale researcher
    Decided this when I was 3 and I went to Sea World. This was the most solid plan until I was 18 and Internet things happened.
  2. Lawyer
    Age 16-18. This was always what teachers recommended I do growing up and something I highly considered. Wasn't patient enough though with the school required and how long it takes to be successful at it.
  3. Detective
    Age 17 I wanted to start off as a cop and eventually become a detective. Then I decided I didn't feel like dealing with the uphill battle of being a woman in that field.
  4. Lobbyist
    Age 17. Went through a small politics crazed phase. Then I realized I just wasn't interested in that environment of people full time.
  5. Therapist
    Age 20 to current. I don't have time to focus on this now, but maybe in my late 30s I'll be able to pursue this.