1. Drinking California Chardonnays, preferably outside, preferably surrounded by succulents, preferably before 1pm.
  2. Drinking expensive juices (i.e. coconut/kale/hemp or collard greens/lemon peel), most likely to offset aforementioned day-drinking of California Chardonnays.
  3. Wearing lots of bracelets on the same wrist.
  4. Talking about nothing else but L.A., all the time (i.e. "When I was in L.A..." or "That's so L.A.").
  5. Pronouncing Spanish words and names incorrectly.
  6. Thinking everything is an earthquake/always worrying that an earthquake is about to happen.
  7. Talking about traffic a lot.
  8. Saying that everything will take 30-40 minutes to get to, pending traffic (see above).