...apparently a year where I did not take many selfies at all!
  1. The number one for three reasons: 1) New kitten love. 2) I was feelin my makeup that day. 3) I like my face in this 😊
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  2. This is my cousin @katewiebe's baby, and she's the first great grandchild of my incredible Mimi. She moved from California to Maine this year so I got to spend a lot of time with her and it has made my year 10000x happier!!!
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  3. This was taken at my college homecoming with one of my favorite people. Reasons I like this picture: 1) pure joy, thanks in part to 2) Pumpkin spice Downeast cider!!!
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  4. Taken when another favorite person of mine also made the move from California to Maine. This is another pure joy photo, taken at Aunt Red's Beach in Southport Maine, my favorite place on earth.
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  5. I chose this one for three reasons: 1) I ❤️ my mom and bro. 2) this was taken on a hike in Germany during our big family vacation. 3) my arms look nice in this 😊
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  6. Best friend/wife/soulmate and I at a colleagues wedding. I was really proud of our makeup and how pretty we were that day 😊
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  7. Cousin and I on Christmas Eve. This cousin is 8 years younger than I am and the two of us have always been inseparable. As she's getting older we can talk about more real things and I like the fact that I know I'm a good influence on her 👯
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