I have always been a slightly obsessive person, and I tend to go through phases of obsessions. Here they are, not necessarily in chronological order.
  1. The name Sarah
    This was actually based on a girl at my church named Sarah but that seemed too creepy. But I named all my dolls Sarah after her... (All my boy dolls were named Michael after a boy in a Barney video)
  2. Horses
    Like, 20+ notebooks full of horse drawings and information, and galloping around at recess obsessed.
  3. Twilight
    Like, hard. But who wasn't in 2006!?!?
  4. Makeup
    This is the current obsession. I blame YouTube for making me think I need it all. But I am still pretty proud of the collection I have so carefully curated.
  5. Various musicals
    It started with Spring Awakening, then we had Phantom of the Opera, then RENT hardcore, then Les Mis for a lil bit, then Book of Mormon, and we are currently in the heart of a Hamilton obsession.
  6. Glee
    Oh man this was a long-lived obsession. It also may or may not be the reason I auditioned for acapella in college (which turned into the best part of my college experience - it all started with Finn and Rachel!)
  7. Mrs. Boody
    My long-term kindergarten substitute while Mrs. Randall was on maternity leave. I loved her SO much and cried a lot when she left.
  8. Panic! At the Disco
    Brendon Urie ❤️
  9. Tumblr
    I have wasted a lot of time on this website. I'm mostly over it now. This also went along with my Misfits and Skins obsessions.
  10. Doctor Who
    Specific memories of this obsession include sobbing in my room in Ireland when Rose and David Tennant get separated, and spending 5+ hours making my journal look like a Tardis.
  11. Justin Bieber
    I still love his music, but my level of obsession is embarrassing when you look at my Twitter history.
  12. More to come - I'm sure there's many that I'm forgetting 😊