I have seen Pitch Perfect a million times (including one time when I watched it surreptitiously on the iPad of a girl sitting two seats over from me on a plane; no sound and I STILL CRIED). I love it, and also, I could make it better. Here is how:
  1. Way fewer racist and homophobic jokes
    This is obvious
  2. No one is fat anything
  3. Basically just make the supporting cast more fleshed out, less of a stereotype
  4. Chloe and Beca kiss
    Also obvious
  5. No Jesse
    Skylar Astin is the poor man's Andy Samberg
  6. Beca doesn't sing the whole final song
    Everyone else is so talented! Beca makes the mix, everyone else makes it HAPPEN
  7. Final song montage is all female artists
    Awesome in general, plus a throwback to Aubrey explaining that the Bellas only sing songs by ladies
  8. No vomiting
    I get that this is an important plot point but I just don't like puking