whenever i feel like crap these things make me feel a lil better? ~for self reference~ (who's gonna read this anyway amirite??)
  1. makeup tutorials??
    i have no idea why but there's something so soothing abt makeup tutorials
  2. watching the office late at night
    i always seem to be putting this show on when i can't sleep and it makes me feel better?? idk. my dad used to let me stay up late and watch it with him when I was a kid
  3. my guitar
  4. the first four harry potter books or movies
  5. "venus and mars" by wings
    a short but sweet song... one of my favorites
  6. thinking abt all the good music that's gonna come out this yr that i'll get to listen to
  7. remembering nobody notices if ur having a bad hair day or that u have a zit on ur nose or whatever other shit u criticize urself for. literally nobody cares
  8. "at least im not in high school anymore"
  9. thinking abt how life is incredibly hard and nobody knows what they're doing
  10. just embrace the fuckign void ok