1. A child sneezed on me.
    I felt the spray on my face.
  2. When I was brand new and working by myself, a woman step-by-step instructed me through returning, what turned out to be, $6,000 worth of stolen clothes.
    "It's ok, I used to work here. Here's what you do...."
  3. Two grown women that I work with got into a huge fight.
    In front of everyone. Over an Ugg.
  4. An older woman spent 5 minutes telling me about her divorce and subsequent experiences on Christian Mingle.
    I'm pretty sure she was also low-key trying to convert me and join her church.
  5. A girl pooped herself while I was helping her = normal and acceptable. Her parents acknowledging this fact but refusing to change her until 30 minutes later after I finished working with her = gross.