1. I talked like a robot
  2. I stuck my head out the car window and my hat flew off, then I cried and begged my mom to stop and turn around to get it...while on a major highway
  3. I told my mom she wasn't allowed to talk to other children
  4. My dad brought me a glass of milk and I knocked it off the table and screamed "I WANTED SODA"
  5. I yelled at a Tigger theme park character to get away from me
  6. I dramatically sang the National Anthem in the shower loudly enough that everyone in the house heard
  7. I had rituals for how to do certain things, such as buckling my shoes, going to the bathroom, and getting in my car seat
    Once while in a rush my mom omitted steps from the car seat ritual so I threw a huge fit and made her start over
  8. My parents found me in our garage eating dog biscuits during dinner