Things I just cannot agree with other adult women on

Because sometimes I feel like I'm missing something
  1. "Dark Chocolate is sooo much better than Milk chocolate, like, regular chocolate is just too sweet"
    Lies. I agree with these children:
  2. It is possible to tell the difference between red wines that cost less than $10
    This could just be me, but I think we may all be lying to ourselves on this one
  3. Dresses that require the use of sticky bras
  4. Beyoncé is the greatest thing ever
    I mean, I do like her music, but there are so many greater things/women. I.e. Bubble baths, clean sheets, Ruth badger Ginsberg, comedy goddesses such as Tiny Fey, Amy Pohler, Mindy Kahling, etc.
  5. Cottage Cheese
    No way.
  6. Elaborate ab exercises
  7. Slut Shaming
    You guys this has to stop.
  8. That obscenely uncomfortable way we have to sit when you're on the beach in a bikini to pretend your stomach is still flat in a sitting position.
    Hey I do this too but what if we just boycotted?
  9. The TV show Friends
    I just have a Rachel empathy gap