This is a genre I gravitate towards. I know I'm missing a lot here!
  1. How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents - by Julia Alvarez
    Also one of the best books about sisters
  2. In America (movie)
    Starring Samantha Morton. Such a gem!!
  3. An American Tail (animated movie)
    "Somewhere out there..."🎤 This one is from my childhood! I should really rewatch this with my own kids. What an unusual idea for a kids' movie.
  4. The Namesake - by Jhumpa Lahiri
    🙌 still gutted from this one after years
  5. Coming to America (movie)
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    Just too funny. Remember Eddie Murphy dressed up as an old Jew? Remember Arsenio??
  6. I'm a Stranger Here Myself - by Bill Bryson
    Observations upon moving back to America after years and years of living in England
  7. Teacher Man - by Frank McCourt
    Memoirs of his years teaching all over NYC, beginning as a young immigrant from Ireland. RIP Frank McCourt. You give me dignity as a teacher.
  8. The Terminal (movie)
    Tom Hanks, you are so adorable