Anyone else v v deep in this obsession like I was? It was my first concert! Atlanta, 1992. Relive with me, why don't you?
  1. George Bush on the tvs saying"We will we will rock you."
  2. Started with Zoo Station. And THE kick!
  3. Bono in leather glory. Trabant headlights light the stage.
  4. And he films The Edge on his camcorder, spins around and kisses the camera. 🙃
  5. Mmmhmm
  6. Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World. Bono always brings a female fan onstage for this one and pops bubbly. Soooo jealous. I was waaaay up in the nose bleeds and had no chance. Plus, I was 13.
  7. Mysterious Ways. The Edge married the belly dancer irl
  8. Bono pulls out the acoustic guitar for The Fly while a million words flash across the screen.
  9. Bono picks up the remote control and says, "Let's see what's on tv tonight." He flips through the channels.
  10. For Desire, Bono dons a silver cowboy outfit. This man's a genius. "For love or money, money, money, money, money, money, money..."
  11. Cannons shot out this money:
  12. Bono calls the White House every night.
  13. It was THE BEST!!!!
  14. 😊😎🇨🇮
  15. And afterwards in Waffle House, we said "What if they come here after the show?!" And actually got excited thinking that it could happen.
  16. This is what the tshirt I bought looked like, except mine was blue.