I named my daughter Claudia. 10 years later, I still love it. I think these literary characters made me love it, even though I didn't realize it when choosing. Proof that children really can be a manifestation of your hopes and dreams.
  1. Claudia Kishi - Babysitters Club
    She was artsy and had the amazing junk food stash in her bedroom. I loved this character and series so much as a child. My Claudia is also very artsy.
  2. Claudia Kincaid - From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
    Lived at the Met. My daughter also adores the Met, and this is one of her favorite books!
  3. Claudia - Pontius Pilate's wife
    Told her husband not to have any part in the crucifixion of Jesus