1. Charlie: I need to write a hit song.
  2. Cassie: You're only 11 years old.
  3. Charlie: Not for life. For 5th grade graduation. If it became a real hit, well that would be great, but you know, I'm just starting out. I'm just focusing on getting through 5th grade.
  4. Cassie: Right. So that seems like a huge undertaking. To write a song for the entire 5th grade graduation.
  5. Charlie: I'm the best guitar player in the school. And the music teacher liked the song I wrote, "Monday in Miami."
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  6. Cassie: Yes. Well, I know of some good tips on how to write a good song from John Mayer.
  7. Charlie: John Mayer? THE John Mayer?
  8. Cassie: Yes. He says stuff like Keep it simple; Pay attention to the chorus; Use words in the lyrics that really show what you are trying to convey instead of just telling about it. Like that....
  9. Charlie: How?
  10. Cassie: He's part of a new mobile app trial that I got to be a part of too.
  11. Charlie: How did YOU get to do a new app trial?
  12. Cassie: Through Lauri because she was the book editor for a successful children's book written by one of the app developers.
  13. Charlie: What's the app called?
  14. Cassie: TheListApp. You write clever, unique, insightful lists.
  15. Charlie: Who else is on the app?
  16. Cassie: Writers, other famous people ---some of whom I don't even know probably. But I know John Mayer.
  17. Charlie: Yea, Mom. Duh.
  18. Cassie: I know. Should I read his list to you about how to write a good song? (I read "How to Write a Good Song," by John Mayer.)
  19. Charlie: I like the "Freestyle" part.
  20. Cassie: Exactly. Good stuff, right?
  21. Charlie: it's hard to keep the melody and the lyrics organized when the song is coming out of my head. It gets really messy.
  22. Cassie: Remember he said to not worry about editing it as you write. Just write it... And finish it.
  23. Charlie: I know, Mom. So that's pretty cool. How were you even allowed to be on this app?
  24. Cassie: I don't know. It's a miracle.
  25. Charlie: I know. Jeez.....