1. An honor to be invited into the "club"
  2. Tres interesting structure for sharing who you are and what you are thinking at any given point in time
  3. Meditative
  4. Beyond cool to read others' lists...to learn intimate details about complete strangers and because of the list to feel a close connection to the stranger
  5. To realize, when trying to explain this app to your husband, just how unique it is, how beyond, how intelligent, how fun, how difficult to summarize. Better write a list... A list within a list to try to explain it
  6. A different way to write
  7. A new way to think
  8. An alternative to FB/Twitter/Instagram
  9. A somewhat closed club of people I don't know but am highly interested in
  10. Smart people connected by lists
  11. Funny people conversing through lists
  12. Secrets (inner thoughts - silly or serious) told in lists that your blog followers and your mother won't see