1. Find a job.
  2. Find a job because there is no way you are accepting the position you were offered a few days ago. No way.
  3. Study all job boards. Anything new that's not a repeat job post from all the days before?Fire off targeted cover letters and resumes to the five new ones. Say a little prayer to Job Gods. But your heart might not be in it. It's Friday. You are tired.
  4. Contemplate working on the screenplay/jumble of notes/dialog piece of crap that is sometimes good that you've been writing. Write QueenBeePost blog piece instead.
  5. Go for a bike ride in the sort-of rain. Daydream about ideal job while working the hills. Worry that some of the heart palpitations you are experiencing while riding your bike could lead to a heart attack. Do people in this part of town know you? Would you be saved?
  6. Walk the dogs. Think about your resume for the umpteenth time.
  7. Pay bills. How to pay for the kids' summer camps? What will you do with the kids this summer? The older two are pretty set. But the youngers? OMG. You have many thoughts of boring hot stay-cation as summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard seems unlikely this year.
  8. Follow-up calls to possible employers who've had your resume for days now with no response. You hate these potential employers who will never come to know you...who do not see how awesome you are.
  9. Think about commute into NYC---how much you hate it.
  10. Read.
  11. Meditate.
  12. Shower.
  13. Have lunch with friend to talk about how you still can't land the right job.
  14. Yell at the dogs because one of them has gotten into some Easter candy that a kid didn't like and threw in the trash. Feel remorse for such yelling. Snuggle and rub dogs' ears and scratch backs to apologize so now dogs are completely confused about first the yelling then the scratching.
  15. Kids home from school soon. Contemplate dinner and how to prepare for it despite all the taxiing to various kid activities that will be required of you (though there ARE fewer places to be on Friday-- TGIF.)
  16. Another day.
  17. Another weekend to come.
  18. Another list.