I welcome any & all questions about adoption & am aware that a lot of people just don't know the proper vernacular when speaking of adoption. When Abel is older he can decide how to share his story. So usually I try my best to answer strangers' remarks with the most grace I can and tell them the language we use. But sometimes, I just can't even.
  1. "WHERE did you GET him?!"
    As if he were a purse...
  2. "Do you know anything about black baby hair?"
    No. No I don't. But I'm trying.
  3. "Where are his real parents?"
    Right in front of you. I get up a thousand times a night, take him to a million dr appointments, rock him to sleep, feed him 385264839263725 bottles, read him all the books and love him like he's a part of me. I worry about his future and the zillion things that could ever happen to him and dread the thought of him ever facing heartbreak or pain. So yeah. Real mom. Right here.
  4. "Drug baby?"
    Um? Seriously? Don't even know where to start with that one...
  5. "Oh he's soooo beautiful!"
    Thank you! I agree!
  6. "You'd think his parents would've figured out how to use a condom".
    This wasn't even by a stranger. I mean... It's kind of a miracle I didn't punch them.
  7. "Why is he like that?"
    Granted, this was from a 5 year old, but still, how have you never seen any black people??
  8. "I've always wanted a black baby!"
    Well turns out there are literally thousands of black kids here and internationally that would love to have a forever home! Look up foster care in your area.
  9. "You know, Jesus was black..."
    Well I mean, more black than me I guess...?