This is a rough guess. Although it's all documented in journals I'm self-made books in my garage.
  1. A flower (preschool, first year)
    Clearly my superficial but honest hopes of existing only for the purpose of being beautiful manifested at an early age. I just want to be pretty! Who doesn't love flowers.
  2. A polar bear. (Preschool, second year)
    With this whole global warming problem, I'm glad I abandoned this lofty goal. They still remain my favorite animal, though.
  3. A teacher (preschool - ?)
    The school supplies and being the center of attention everyday, all day. This one I still would do. For the same reasons.
  4. A fine art, artist (preschool to kindergarten)
    My love for art lives in my bone marrow. It makes me who I am. I abandoned the physical practice of it and turned to appreciate it instead.
  5. A singer (Elementary-High School)
    Watched cheetah girls one too many times. Still love the way singing makes me feel. I put on a concert every night in my shower! Come one come all!
  6. A filmmaker (high school- present)
    Visual storytelling. Acting, directing, writing. Shooting and editing are more fun to make decisions on than physically do them myself. I have so many ideas!