1. Use the word client. More so because everybody else is saying it
  2. Take NyQuil with a shot glass
  3. My refrigerator is full of wedding invitations
  4. Still can't rent a car
  5. Once signed my email with "warm winter wishes" because I saw someone else do it and thought it was funny
  6. Trying to lose weight so I can fit into my clothes from high school and not have to buy new clothes
  7. Eat pizza for 5 meals a week
  8. Willing to drive around for half an hour to find free public parking in all major cities
  9. Poor
  10. Not properly hydrated. Maybe at 24
  11. Stay in hostels. In America. Did someone say tenderloin district?!
  12. Iron my shirts with my hair straightener
    Suggested by @jumo
  13. Just got my tonsils out