July 8 - July 17 2016
  1. Cauliflower crust pizza
    I just attempted to make this for the first time with a recipe my co worker gave me and it came out soo good and sent me into a cooking frenzy.
  2. Closing Time
    My roommate mentioned this song earlier in the week and now I've been listening to at the end of work every single day..really want my company to play it aloud like on the office.
  3. Hilarious and nearly unbelievable Pokemon Go tweets, headlines, stories, etc.
    I don't play personally but am genuinely enjoying all of the hype, camaraderie, and truly unordinary things happening because of this game. Kind of a nice change of pace from the typical horrific stories that flood the news.
  4. My second Instagram account
    Following the cauliflower crust pizza incident, I created a second account dedicated to food, cooking, and healthy stuff as a way to hopefully motivate myself to continue cooking and eating healthier and more creatively.
  5. Lipkit by Kylie
    Late to the party but my first lipkit arrived in the mail this week and it was a big moment. Went with matte Posie and the result was me feeling extremely powerful for a few hours but covered in stains from my lipstick by end of the day.
  6. The idea that Hiddleswift is for an elaborate Lemonade style music video.
    Just because I love conspiracy theories and think this one would be the coolest ever if they pulled it off and tricked everyone.