June 23 - July 1 2016
  1. The Mindy Project
    Rewatching the series a few episodes at a time before Bed. Rooting for Mindy and Danny obviously.
  2. Pete Davidsons instagram
    Was complaining that Pete deleted his twitter and worrying about if his Harry Potter live tweets were archived when my roommate mentioned his insta. Update: he's still as dreamy as ever.
  3. Wondering why so many guys on tinder are over 6'4
    I understand that tall people exist but in one day I saw 4 guys who's bio noted that they were 6'7. Are they all cousins in a family of giants? Did their parents feed them radioactive food? Need to look into this and circle back.
  4. English muffin egg white sandwiches
    Since I moved I've been making 1000 of these at a time and then eating them for 3/4 of my meals.
  5. Finest Girl by The Lonely Island
    This is the song/SNL digital short about the girl who wants it like America f*cked Bin Laden. Forgot about this completely until I showed it to my roommate and now I can't stop listening to this bizarro but oddly catchy song.