Things I've cried about

A running list
  1. A guy I liked left the country to go back to school.
    I tried to convince myself that I didn't like him and that I wouldn't care once he was gone but 2 days after he left I heard a song he showed me while driving home and it hit me that I'd probably never see him again and I cried the entire way back.
  2. My college roommate's aunt who is more like her sister is having a baby.
    I remember when I first started school and she was teaching us all about online dating and now she is in love and got married on a beach and is having a baby and I was so happy for her I cried.
  3. Moes was closed.
    Moes Southwest Grill was closed for the night and I had no way to access their queso.
  4. I read the Harry Potter series.
    Greatest story that exists. I've never laughed or cried or been as surprised or fulfilled or amazed as I was my first time reading that damn thing. Which was at age 23 by the way.
  5. My uncle passed away.
    Unexpectedly one Sunday while having a happy golf day with my Dad. It was one of the hardest things my family's gone through, but taught me so much about life and what really matters.
  6. I moved back into my college dorm.
    Every year when it was time to move back to college after being home all summer my mom would write me a cute card saying that my parents missed me already and she would hide it in my room for me to find once they went back home. Even my senior year that friggin note got me.
  7. I watched the last episode of the office.
    And Michael was back. With one of his that's what she said jokes. Because he wouldn't miss Dwight's wedding. Tears everywhere.
  8. My parents gave me the most thoughtful overly generous gift ever.
    And I cried out of surprise and happiness because they are the best and I probably don't deserve them.
  9. I stubbed my toe.
  10. I watched that "dear sister" SNL video.
    Ive cry laughing basically every time I've ever seen it but the most recent time I was taking a 5 minute break at work and watched it and lost total control over myself because I hadn't seen it in a few years.