1. Swam in a beautiful lake
  2. Two of our teammates got stung be bees right when we arrived :(
  3. Drank lots of wine
  4. Came in a close 2nd in the scavenger hunt
  5. Ate the messiest smore of my life
  6. Drank lots more wine and a bit of whiskey
  7. Played would you rather
  8. Had a Viking funeral for a sub app we shut down after many years
  9. Pee'd in the woods (when the bathroom was like 15 feet away)
  10. Smoked cigarettes from China + other stuff
  11. Spilled red wine on my co workers shirt
  12. Hid my cup and tried to pretend like it wasn't red wine
  13. Played never have I ever
  14. Got lost trying to find our cabin
  15. Woke up and went kayaking
  16. Learned hungover kayaking is very difficult
  17. Swam a lot
  18. Ate some questionable lunch
  19. Layed out on the beach, swam, layed out on a drifting dock
  20. Wrestled with a sleeping bag to try and get it back in its bag (impossible)