1. Playing with my hair
  2. A mixtape of relevant songs and/or songs that remind someone of me
  3. Saying my name while talking to me
    I love that shit
  4. Liking and/or referencing one of my favorite shows
  5. Handing me a baby
    Bring me a baby and give it to me to hold for like 2 hours. I will be very happy about it.
  6. When something reminds someone of me and then they tell me about it
  7. Being empathetic
    Nothing is a bigger turn on than a guy genuinely caring about other people/things. 😏😏😏
  8. Making me laugh so hard that I die
  9. Doing nice things for me or others
  10. A man bun
    Self explanatory
  11. Flowers
    Even though they're lame I have never been given flowers so if someone gave them to me I'd be very excited about it and probably cry
  12. Harry Styles
    He is a beautiful pure angel both inside and outside. How could anyone even question him being a part of this list.