A list of things that make my blood boil the second I encounter them. Also, notice how majority of these items are related to food one way or another.
  1. People who leave less than 5 crackers in a box.
    You glance in the cabinets before you run to the grocery store, or you come home starving and need something to eat, like, NOW. You grab the box of Triscuits and it feels empty, you pull out the plastic insert and there are 3 crackers left. 3 crackers isn't enough to satiate your impending starvation. 3 crackers isn't enough to entertain guests with, or to house the two different cheeses you bought at the store. STOP THE MADNESS AND EAT THE REST OF THE CRACKERS, PEOPLE!
  2. People who leave the cellophane cover on food items.
    Why? Just, why? You already had to tear most of the cover off your ice cream carton, why not just give it one final tug and throw that stupid piece of plastic in the garbage? Stop impeding my ability to dig into that ice cream.
  3. People who specifically ask for your advice, and then ignore it.
    Why did you ask in the first place? You obviously thought I was a wise enough person to seek advice from, why the sudden change of heart? I am not the person to just tell you what you want to hear.
  4. Any noise that your mouth makes, besides talking.
    Chewing, lip smacking, talking with a mouth full of food. It's gross and the noises give me the heebie jeebies. Please chew with your mouth closed and swallow your food before speaking to me, thanks.
  5. Overall stupidity.
    No further explanation is necessary.