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I love my two dogs Tootie and Lady probably more than my fiancΓ© Daniel, but he totally understands...most of the time.
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    Their Morning Greetings
    My alarm goes off at 7:00am every morning, and my pups patiently wait for the blaring horn that is my ringtone (because otherwise I would never hear it). Once that evil thing starts going, mom is free game and the two of them immediately jump on me and lick my face until I begrudgingly rise from my comfy bed. 😩 Now, most people would really hate this, but it surprisingly is my favorite thing to wake up to every morning.
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    Our Morning Potty Walk
    I fully believe that being outside makes you feel better. My pups go on a potty walk at least 10 times a day, but the first one in the morning is my favorite. I leash them both up, Tootie in with her pink leash, and Lady with her light blue one and outside we go. They're usually pretty quick with their business, but I love to feel and smell that fresh air, even if it's just for around 10 minutes.
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    Breakfast Time
    Just because they're so well behaved while they eat. 😊
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