1. Start cookie decorating tradition with my toddler
  2. Find someone to give decorated cookies to because I don't want to eat them all.
  3. Write out my 2016 business plan & goals
  4. Take son to see and play in some snow
  5. Clean out closets
  6. Finish reading the three books I started in November
  7. Clean out bathroom drawers and cabinets
  8. Schedule a date night with husband
  9. Start writing draft of children's book that I've had in my head for months
  10. Treat dogs to a mountain hike followed by bbq
  11. Start New Year's Day tradition of long walk on the beach with son.
  12. Organize 2015 photos on computer
  13. Tell 5 people who had an impact on my life this past year what impact they had or what I learned from them