These spots serve a mean cup of Joe. Independent coffee shops, ftw.
  1. Broadview Espresso
    Broadview Espresso. This place has THE BEST latte in Toronto, hands down. Get the peanut butter brownie. Tasty treat
  2. Red Rocket Coffee (Danforth)
    Great coffee and London Fog. Comfy leather couches up front. They stay open late and offer some beer and wine options. Get the peanut butter cookie
  3. Merchants of Green Coffee
    This of my first coffee loves. If they have the Haitian coffee available, get it. All their stuff is organic, small batch, roasted in house. You can even take classes on how to roast at home. Very large space. You can come with a laptop or a book and sty for hours.
  4. The Tampered Press
    Small spot, but great on the coffee. Friendly staff. Tough to get a seat though
  5. White Squirrel
    My favourite cappuccino. Limited seating upstairs. Take your coffee and go check out the bookstore and paper shop next door.
  6. Lazy Daisy Cafe
    This place is super cute. Great little neighbourhood spot. You can get biscuits, bacon and sweet bars. Lots of seating, very friendly place.
  7. The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar
    This place offers a variety of not only coffee options, but ice cream!! Fun decor, cute patio.
  8. Ezra's Pound
    Almost impossible to get a seat at this Dupont spot, but the coffee is so worth the gamble. Great coffee, industrial decor. Just check it out.