My mum was an amazing seamstress with a particular enthusiasm for costumes.
  1. The cow who jumped over the moon.
    My parents were dairy farmers when I was little.
  2. Flower the skunk from Bambi.
    My mum also made a Bambi costume for a little friend
  3. Little piece Bo Peep.
    Who lost her sheep, but her and Beauty (pony) will find them.
  4. A pink flower for a figure skating program.
  5. Which also inspired being a bumble bee and my pony a flower.
    Pony's name was Blossom so it all worked. ;)
  6. Clown
  7. Knight in shining carpet underlay.
    Another costume that involved a pony!
  8. A horse!
    No really! My mum collaborated with a local man who also loved costuming to make a horse where my legs were the front legs of the horse. There was a frame that had back legs, the horse's back and a metal swan like thing for the neck. Mum made a cover for it that almost looked like a horse blanket. This one always received a lot of comments!
  9. A shoe.
    Another epic costume from my mum's imagination. It was an Addias sneaker made out of thick paper. I looked out of the part where your foot goes in.