The Doubletree Fresno Convention Center and the Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort both have soaring atriums openly viewed from the walkways within the hotel and outward-facing rooms along the perimeter, but the similarities end there.
  1. The Contemporary Resort is an A-frame, while the Fresno Doubletree is a rectangular box
  2. The Contemporary resort has massive windows to allow sunlight into the atrium, but the Fresno Doubletree has almost no natural light in the atrium
  3. The monorail line runs right through the Contemporary Resort, ready to whisk you off to the Magic Kingdom; there is no train at the Fresno Doubletree
  4. The Fresno Doubletree has no concierge level, though the Contemporary Resort has two
  5. The cookies at the Doubletree Fresno are free, but there is no gluten free option available; at the Contemporary Resort, guests must pay for the cookies (except treats at the concierge level clubs), but allergy-friendly options are available