It was one of the prompts, and this is the kind of thing I could list in my sleep.
  1. c. 1988, preschool: Toby, Brice, and Brandon.
    I mostly just remember their names, always in that order, but I also remember one of them being _very_ funny at the water fountain one day, pulling down his hat and splashing water all over it.
  2. c. 1990, kindergarten: Matthew.
    Blond, had a mole on his cheek
  3. c. 1992, second grade: "Mac" M.
    Redhead with freckles; I think he's a lawyer now.
  4. c. 1993, third grade: Brandon R.
    Like the only Jewish kid in my grade. Crush sparked when another girl said she thought he liked me, and then we started a club where all the girls in the class liked him, and then someone said they thought we were siblings, and then at the end of the school year I told my mom how sad I was that I might never see him again. I saw him lots after that, and I was pretty pissed that I didn't get invited to his Bar Mitzvah. I think he's a dentist now.
  5. c. 1994, forth grade: Toby B.
    Sort of a bad-boy but nice; now deceased.
  6. c. 1995, fifth grade: Jonathan B.
    Sat next to me in class, had a Woodstock '94 shirt and really tiny perfect handwriting. Played soccer and hockey (our town had no ice but he's moved from PA). He saved me a seat at lunch one time which had me thinking it was going well, and then he started "going out with" this other girl that his friend Jared told him had a crush on him, which crush was totally obvious. I should have realized then that subtlety doesn't pay off. I think he's a professional illustrator now.
  7. c. 1996, sixth grade: Steven D.
    I remember very little about him besides his white-blonde hair and funny voice. I would bet he works in real estate now, but that's just a guess.
  8. c. 1996-8, middle school: Ryan C.
    Short, funny kid with hair long enough to tuck behind his ears. Probably half the reason I read Lord of the Rings was to impress him. We were friendly at school but talked more on AOL, which very few other people had then; it wasn't clear to me that that made us actual friends. We were friends after that so whatever he does for work means less, it seems.
  9. After that there were boyfriends, and yet more crushes that would be weird to list because they just bleed into my continued inability to admit my feelings, feel desirable, or accurately assess romantic chemistry.